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Initially rotary lobe blower were designed as twin lobe, two shaft gas compressors. Two parallel installed rotors with identical lobe profils are rotating inside the housing in opposite directions. As they rotate, gas is drawn into the space between each lobe and the casing where it is trapped, transported and discharged by the rotation. For each of the two lobes, this process is being repeated twice per full rotation. The disadvantage of this solution was a high pulsation at the discharge and high noise level. The developement of a three lobe system was the consequence, reducing the volume of the discharge per pulse and increasing the frequence of pulses by 30% at the same speed. So the problem of pulsation was reduced, but at the same time the volumetric efficiency was also reduced!

Developement gamma-twinlobe system Baratti Engineering GmbH

Patented know how

Baratti blowers are working according the „gamma twin lobe system“ based on the roots system. This system is patented.

Comparing this system with the three lobe system, the losses of the new gamma profile with only one sealgap is reduced and due to the two lobe system we achieve a higher efficiency than a three lobe system. At the same time the pulsation was also reduced by approx. 85 % due to the built in discharge system with decreased discharge orifice. Backflow of already discharged gas is minimized significant!

Outstanding features

  • turndown range: 20 – 100 % of capacity
  • constant efficiency and constant discharge temperature in the entire capacity range
  • higher compression ratio ( single stage up to 1.6 barg)
  • reduced energy consumption by appr. 10 %


A further innovation of baratti engineering gmbh is the patented „drycon“-process. In this process the materials being conveyed by the vacuum of the blower is simultaneausly dried by means of the hot air of the exhaust of the blower without aditional energy!