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Product rangex

Our productrange of ATMOS, MODULA and Stratos are suited for applications of central supply, either to individual consumers or else to a total production in any application of gas compression for industrial vacuum and low pressure. The delivery range per unit is from 30 – 6000 m3/h. In terms of pressure range, we supply systems from 0.01 mbar abs. in vacuum up to 3 bar overpressure.
These components can be completed by microprozessor controls, condensors, filtration sytems to customer taylored systems to achieve the following outstanding features:

  • nonpolluting, because no oil (dry compression)
  • quiet, sound level appr. 70 dB(A)
  • high volumetric efficiency and high compression ratio due to patented „gamma twin lobe system“
  • low installation cost
  • oil lubricated bearing
  • high compression ratio

Our new designed „gamma twin lobe system” with the integrated exhaust dampers as well as the multistage silencer system at suction and exhaust are the technical background for the quiet operation, the extended compression ratio for vacuum and pressure operation as well as the reduced exhaust pulsation! Minimizing operating- and service costs as well as reducing polution at max. reliability is the main advantage of our technical solutions.

Research and Developmentx

A short lead time to the customer is one of the reasons of our success. Initially the customer explains his problem to us.

  • Which volume has to be evacuated in which time?
  • Which volume has to be maintained?
  • What type of gases or liquids have to be pumped or transfered?

Based on his needs we develope an individual solution for him and his specific requirements with our 3 dimensional CAD-system. This allows us to proof the most efficient components for a technical solution. So we can offer our customer the best system in terms of operating costs, reliability, investment costs and polution control.

To fulfill the customers needs, sometimes the components have to be modified in terms of coatings to protect against corrosion etc.


CNC-machining centers and 5-D computer aided measuring machines guarantee a high quality standard for every key part and low machining cost. The machining of all parts is done by means of these machining centers, the required quality is controled at the computer aided measuring machines with an individual control drawing for each part!

A low noise level is guaranteed also by the precisely balanced lobes. All supliers of key parts are high qualified partners, which are certified according DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO/ TS 16949: 2002.

All components of the machines and systems are assembled in our production by experienced engineers. Prior and after the assembly there are two further quality checks prior to the systems test before shipment.